Holiday Wrapping Paper

If you missed our holiday wrapping event at Rare Device this past weekend you can still make your own wrapping paper at home!

stamped gift wrapping // Yellow Owl Workshop

Home made wrapping paper is so easy and fun to make and it adds a special little something to each gift. You can make anything from geometric patterns to holiday specific motifs. All you need is some blank butcher paper, some carving rubber or linoleum (our carve-a-stamp block works great!), a carving tool, and ink pad.

How to make a stamp // Yellow Owl Workshop

– draw your design on your stamp
– carefully carve out your design
– ink up your stamp
– stamp away!
– wrap that present up!

stamp gift wrap // Yellow Owl Workshop

Favorites: Podcasts

We’ve been chugging along here in the workshop getting ready for the holiday season. So many holiday stamps! To keep everyone going and engaged we like to listen to podcasts. For anyone who never has had the pleasure of listening to a podcast, it’s a lot like an old school radio program, but instead of turning a dial and adjusting an antenna we download them from iTunes.

We listen to a huge range of podcast on a range of topics, some are funny, some are informative, and some are mysterious and get us totally hooked.

These are our top five favorite podcasts right now:


1. Serial: If you are into murder mysteries and cold cases you will love this! We are totally hooked! Each week, host Sarah Koenig goes deeper into the 15 year old murder case of Hae Min Lee, a high school student in Maryland, and Adnan Syed, her ex-boyfriend who was convicted for the murder and sentenced to life in prison. But as Koenig discovers not everything is adding up quite right.

2. This American Life: Who doesn’t like listening to stories? Yeah, pretty much no one, that’s what we thought too. Each week there is a theme to the show and host Ira Glass introduces each segment or story pertaining to that theme. Some stories are funny, or dramatic, or sad, and some are so incredible you wonder if they are true, but I’m sure those guys are doing all their fact checking. If you are looking for something with a lot of episodes, TAL has been broadcasting since 1995 so there are a lot to choose from.

3. Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me: “The NPR New Quiz!” as their opener states, is exactly what this podcast is. But it’s so much more, its funny, its silly, it can be even be informative if you missed some major news events during the week.

4. Stuff You Should Know: Want to learn about things you didn’t even know you were curious about? SYSK goes into every possible subject you could come up with, everything from how x-rays work to how trees affect the weather. Its a little science-y, a little culture, but plenty of fun facts. Impress your friends with all kinds of tid bits you learn!

5. 99% Invisible: There is a theory that design should be 99% invisible, this applies to buildings, products, packaging, graphics, and if you think about everything around you was designed by someone.  Host Roman Mars (best name every right?!?) finds the hidden stories in the world around us. One of our favorite episodes is about the sounds different escalators make, that might sounds weird, but give it a listen, you’ll be surprised.

With winter keeping you inside for more indoor type activities consider checking out a podcast instead of listening to music or having the tv on. They are also great for road trips or whatever other travel you may be doing, just make sure to get the episodes downloaded while you have internet!

DIY Gift Wrapping Event!

holiday wrapping // Yellow Owl Workshop

Lets make some gift wrapping this weekend! Come to Rare Device in Noe Valley to stamp wrapping paper, Furoshiki-style cloth wrap, and gift tags. We will be stamping away from 10:30am-12pm on Saturday Dec. 13th.

Space is limited to please sign up here:

We will also be doing a toy drive, so bring a gently used toy or book and we will donate it to the SF Firefighters Toy Drive Program.

Its A Sale!

25% off

You heard right kids, we are kicking off the holiday season with a sale! From Friday Nov. 28th to Monday Dec. 1st our online shop is 25% off. Remember to enter the code BEMERRY when you are checking to get the discount.

Happy shopping and stamping!

Halloween Stamps

So we’ve been having a grand old time making Halloween stamps with the new Holiday Cave-A-Stamp Kit! Using the templates and making up a few of our own, here what we came up with! For our extra templates click the link at the bottom!

Carve-A-Stamp Poster with Templates

template tracings

Tracing from the poster is easy, and you can modify the templates, like how I added a Jack-O-Lantern face to the pumpkin.

Carved Halloween Stamps

We stamped on paper and envelopes to make some spooky and festive stationary, but you could stamp on cloth or paper candy bags, ceramic and glass dish ware (remember to heat set!), or really anything.

Carved Halloween Stamps

Carved Halloween Stamps

Carved Halloween Stamps

You can find the Holiday Carve-A-Stamp kit HERE! And for a few more spooky templates download HERE!

The Aislers Set


We listen to music in the Yellow Owl Workshop studio all day long, and have long had a soft spot for fellow San Fran band The Aislers Set. Forming in 1997, the band released three cracking albums of ’60s-inspired, ’90s-bred indie-pop, before calling it quits in 2003 (boo). While they occasionally came back for sporadic reunion shows, this fall their three LPs will be remastered and reissued.

Listen to a sampler of one of our favorite bands.

Tour dates:
09/22 – Seattle, WA @ Neumos
09/23 – Portland, OR @ Holocene
09/26 – Los Angeles, CA @ Echoplex
09/28 – San Francisco, CA @ The Chapel


Spring Weekend To-Do List

Hello, spring! After a long, dark and cold winter, we couldn’t be more ready for the weather to warm up and the days to get a little longer. Need more reasons to head outside? Nature is blooming, music festivals are heating up and the summer crowds are still at bay.

PureWow has rounded up a list full of a few surprises that will keep you busy all spring long.  Here’s a few to keep on your radar:

Tassajara’s Summer Meditation Series:

Start your day with the easygoing Healing Power of Stillness class, which introduces the concepts of Zen Buddhism through restorative yoga.  At night, meander down the creek to The Narrows, a clothing-optional swimming hole where you can sneak in a small bottle of wine and sip by moonlight.


Mendocino’s Whale Season:

Make a quick getaway to Mendocino before the gray whales head out of state. You have approximately three weeks to get to Mendocino to see these mamas with their newborn calves before they head out of state. So pack up those binoculars and get out of Dodge.


Second Act Marketplace  Grub

Located in the old Red Vic Movie House–which screened quirky classics (like Harold and Maude) and indie films (such as the visually stunning doc Baraka) for 21 years–Second Act features five upscale food stalls. The airy, light-filled marketplace with handcrafted iron gates and a vintage-inspired paneled ceiling is a more design-centric version of Bernal Height’s 331 Cortland community kitchen.

Check out the full list here.