Hey all!  When we were setting up or new web shop I decided it would be best to start fresh with a new blog.  Ready. Set. Go!

This has been a year of beginnings.  I will be sharing all the good stuff on here soon.  The biggest and BEST beginning for us came in February.  Evan and I welcomed our little girl, Emmy James,  in February.  As a mom it is my right to delight or annoy others with baby photos so here ya go: our little girl Emmy

I know what you are thinking: she totally looks like me and you want to see way too many photos of her online.  Well, I use instagram (profile name: yellow_owl_workshop) for that.  I will probably post Emmy happenings from time to time, but this blog will be more of a creative space.  I will post DIY’s and free downloads for projects, share Yellow Owl news, good stuff about my pals and things that catch my eye.   Hope you come along to make some cool stuff with me.