Domino costume DIY

When I was coming up you were either Purple Sunglasses California Raisin, Saxophone California Raisin or Lace Glove Madonna. I knew I would get side-eyed for putting my eight month old baby in a black trash bag (even with the requisite purple sunglasses and saxophone) and, unless Baby Hot Topic exists, the lace glove would be a challenge. Back at square one I knew I needed a costume that was safe, soft, warm and easy to take off. Grabbed some felt, fabric glue and scissors and whipped this up. Here is a slide show of how I did it:

Last night I took a needle and thread to the sides for extra strength.  Something about sewing up a tiny Halloween costume felt like official Mom business.   And I totally loved it.



Domino costume DIY
With Dad.
Domino costume DIYHaving kids means being ok with terrible photos of yourself.

So, Emmy, Happy first Halloween!  And Happy Birthday to her Aunt Emily! She lucked out with this Halloween birthday an I lucked out with this hilarious and talented baby sister. Love you Emily Beth!  And Happy Halloween to all of you!