A few days before Christmas and almost a year after my daughter Emmy was born, I was talking to my friend Angie.  Maybe it wasn’t so much talking as spilling a pool of sounds that somehow, with a patient ear, communicate thoughts. With jaw agape in “uhhhh’s” and a screeching kid on my hip, I was struggling to pull every word out of my fuzzy brain. My pal Angie, a doctor and a mom, understood what was happening and then informed me that “mom brain” is real: those chubby miracles are actually tiny burglars that loot 7 percent of your brain.  Maybe forever!

I did not question this because, like the belly rolls still tucked into maternity leggings, it is the truth and motherhood’s indignities, which are legion, are weak in comparison to rewards.  The sentence that followed this realization was: “And, anyway, when did I last nurse because my shirt is unbuttoned and I  just had a whole conversation with the UPS guy and don’t even pretend to have the willpower for a juice cleanse and the catalog had a wrong SKU and I just can’t get into “Justified” but the juice place is just next door and she just ate a ball of dog fur and why is everybody obsessed with washi tape and how many seconds to heat 3 Super Pretzels?”

On the first day of this year, I decided I would combat this brain loss by teaching or re-teaching myself something new every day.  Because I remember things better when I write them down, I will record these lessons with sketches or photos or collages or whatever.  Due to my compulsion to overthink-to-the-point-of-paralyzation any pursuit, I will throw something up every day (no matter how lame or typo-plagued) without my critical eye tearing it down first.  Just something to do for myself that lays bare –see UPS incident above– the state of this cloud housed above my neck.  Here is the first month, January, posted in its entirety.  So please follow along here or here or here and if you know a new mom give her a damn hug and tell her the fridge is a fine place for house keys.

UPDATE: Via my Instagram and Twitter, I have received awesome and supportive comments and questions about purchasing prints of these shots or maybe turning this into a book.  This is really just a personal project for now, and I enjoy it in its aimless glory.  Please keep the comments flowin’ and chime in if you have anything to add about a specific topic or if you have questions you want me to figure out.