If you haven’t already been to the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market in San Francisco, April is just about the most perfect month to visit. One of our favorite San Francisco based food writers Lulu Meyer has been hanging out at the markets and keeping note on what all of the local chefs have been buying – Jonathan Black, Chef de Cuisine at Quince, with his eye on delicate pea shoots, and crates of fresh spring rhubarb.

Lulu points out that while rhubarb is botanically defined as a vegetable, rhubarb is almost always associated with desserts.

Lulu’s tip for selecting rhubarb at the market is to choose stalks that are firm and thick, with no sign of wrinkling. Available in limited quantities at the market now through June, Lulu suggests stopping by Tierra Vegetables and Happy Quail Farms this month to get your hands on rhubarb. For more ideas and recipes highlighting rhubarb, check out the CUESA recipe archive.

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