Every so often I wonder what people are doing with our products after they get them, what kind of awesome creative projects ya’ll are coming up with. So we want to see what everyone is making with their stamps, what kind of stamps you are making with the Carve-A-Stamp Kits, what kind of designs you are making with the stencil kits on the totes or towels, how projects from the books are coming out, the doodles in the pocket notebooks, and anything else you are doing with your Yellow Owl goodies.

Here’s what I am thinking, when you make something cool take a picture of it, or the process of making, and post to instagram with the hashtag #madewithyellowowl and each week we will post a selection of those pictures here. Creating a sort of inspirational resource of all the possibilities of things to make!


We can’t wait to see everything you guys are creating!