Geo Stamped Easter Eggs // Yellow Owl Workshop

With Easter quickly approaching we couldn’t help but to decorate some eggs.

Stamps & eggs // Yellow Owl Workshop

We wanted to try something a little different than the usual dying and painting of eggs and figured we’d try some stamps. After a few attempts with more complicated stamps we found that simple geometric shapes seemed to work best. So go ahead and grab some stamps or make your own and a few all purpose ink pads and get decorating!


Easter Egg Dye (the kind from the grocery store works fine)
All Purpose Ink Pads
Hair Dryer or Heat Gun

Eggs & Dye // Yellow Owl Workshop

Stamped Egg // Yellow Owl Workshop

Go ahead and dye your eggs according to the directions on the box and wait for them to dry, or you can just start stamping on the plain white eggs. The trick is to stamp slowly — since the egg is a curved surface your stamp isn’t going to fully make contact with the shell at first, so you will want to slowly roll the stamp in a little circle so all the edges stamp onto the egg.

Stamping Eggs // Yellow Owl Workshop

Once stamped use a hair dryer or heat gun on low to dry the ink a bit, I did it just enough that the egg could be set down in the cardboard carton with out smearing the ink, then let air dry.

Geometric Stamped Eggs // Yellow Owl Workshop

Geometric Stamped Eggs // Yellow Owl Workshop

How are you decorating this year? Are you trying anything new and cool?