This week I learned about science; in the kitchen and in the yard. How to keep bacteria at bay, why Swiss cheese has eyes and how leaves produce the fabulous colors of Fall…


This week I learned when to say libel (not slander), averse (not adverse) and how to describe flocks of flying ducks. I also dotted my ‘i’s and decided Confucius did not in fact know it all.

A week of #getwise2013

This week I learned about vanilla beans, right and left handedness, strawberries, tank tops, poetry, and why dog’s noses be crazy.

A week of #getwise2013

This week I learned about cats and luck, B-Boying, cameos and silhouettes, velcro, ginham, seersucker, and the anatomy of shampoo.

A week of #getwise2013

This week I learned about the first star flag, the rainbow flag, how much juice comes out of a lemon, how to change Instagram video settings, the Super Moon, and the letters E and S.

A week of #getwise2013

This week I learned about pinking shears, screws, a Kiki Smith quote, Purple Heart awards, state flowers for places I have lived, popsicles, and convince vs persuade.

A week of #getwise2013

This week I learned about the origins of Mother’s Day, man made milk, the difference between gouache and watercolor paints, facts about cats, the anatomy of a craft knife, and whale jams.

A Hidden Place


We are huge fans of Australian design, and thrilled to hear about a collaboration between two of our favorite design icons Beci Orpin and Kat Macleod. Their exhibition A Hidden Place runs until 25 May in Melbourne, and is making us want to jump on a plane to Australia.

Read more about the exhibition on The Design Files.

This week I learned a Rainer Maria Rilke poem, the difference between crows and ravens, pungent spring onions, how to buy and store spring vegetables, why hot champagne (or beer or soda) sucks, rubber cement, and a Dutch proverb.