A week of #getwise2013

This week I learned about the origins of Mother’s Day, man made milk, the difference between gouache and watercolor paints, facts about cats, the anatomy of a craft knife, and whale jams.

A Hidden Place


We are huge fans of Australian design, and thrilled to hear about a collaboration between two of our favorite design icons Beci Orpin and Kat Macleod. Their exhibition A Hidden Place runs until 25 May in Melbourne, and is making us want to jump on a plane to Australia.

Read more about the exhibition on The Design Files.

This week I learned a Rainer Maria Rilke poem, the difference between crows and ravens, pungent spring onions, how to buy and store spring vegetables, why hot champagne (or beer or soda) sucks, rubber cement, and a Dutch proverb.

A week of #getwise2013

This week I learned more about April’s birth flower sweet peas, found a new motto, the pop culture reference islands in the stream, an Agnes Martin quote, San Francisco’s garter snake, and the expression dressed to the nines.

A week of #getwise2013

This week I learned about the difference between alligators and crocodiles, notable neckwear, striped neck ties, font sizes, and how much juice you can squeeze out of a lime.

A week of #getwise2013

This week I learned about my new indoor plants, what lipsticks are made of, lips colors and shapes by decade, how to peel fava beans easily, bees vs wasps, nuts that are not nuts, and April’s birth flower sweet peas.

A week of #getwise2013

This week I learned about coconuts actually being a fruit, coconut milk vs coconut water, African vs Asian elephants, mushrooms, peanuts actually being beans, a Louis CK quote, and Breton stripes.

A week of #getwise2013

This week I learned about Roman numerals, how to create homemade egg dyes from food, how to make the perfect hard-boiled egg, hair follicles, the origin of egg decorating, egg shells, and March’s birth flower jonquil daffodils.

Fruit Art


I am loving Emily Proud‘s colorful food paintings. Anything that combines food and art I’m into, and Emily’s paintings make me want to run out to the nearest farmers market and buy a bunch of juicy, delicious fruit. Her whimsical watercolors are going to be on display at Studio Gallery on Polk street this Sunday (March 17) for their Delicious show. It’s all work about and inspired by food and drink. Yum!



–natalie k