Domino Halloween Costume

Domino costume DIY

When I was coming up you were either Purple Sunglasses California Raisin, Saxophone California Raisin or Lace Glove Madonna. I knew I would get side-eyed for putting my eight month old baby in a black trash bag (even with the requisite purple sunglasses and saxophone) and, unless Baby Hot Topic exists, the lace glove would be a challenge. Back at square one I knew I needed a costume that was safe, soft, warm and easy to take off. Grabbed some felt, fabric glue and scissors and whipped this up. Here is a slide show of how I did it:

Last night I took a needle and thread to the sides for extra strength.  Something about sewing up a tiny Halloween costume felt like official Mom business.   And I totally loved it.



Domino costume DIY
With Dad.
Domino costume DIYHaving kids means being ok with terrible photos of yourself.

So, Emmy, Happy first Halloween!  And Happy Birthday to her Aunt Emily! She lucked out with this Halloween birthday an I lucked out with this hilarious and talented baby sister. Love you Emily Beth!  And Happy Halloween to all of you!


Carved Stamp Fan Gear (GO GIANTS!)

Growing up in a house full of women in Kansas City I thought the World Series of Baseball was called the “Royals Series.” The Royals won in 1985 so that just made good sense. I live in SF now and and nobody even cares about the Royals, their awesome logo or George Brett.  Nobody here makes  “Bo Knows____” references.  But San Franciscans DO have a very good team and I sure they are going to beat that other team that is totally not the Royals.

So, hey, Giants fans — I carved some stamps and stamped some apparel. You can make one for the Giants or your own home team with our Carve-A-Stamp Kit and our All Surface Ink Pads!

San Francisco Giants stamp, carved stamp shown with template, carved stamp and carving knife.jets hand carved stamp

Different sport, same technique!

Hello. I’m a Blog.

Hey all!  When we were setting up or new web shop I decided it would be best to start fresh with a new blog.  Ready. Set. Go!

This has been a year of beginnings.  I will be sharing all the good stuff on here soon.  The biggest and BEST beginning for us came in February.  Evan and I welcomed our little girl, Emmy James,  in February.  As a mom it is my right to delight or annoy others with baby photos so here ya go: our little girl Emmy

I know what you are thinking: she totally looks like me and you want to see way too many photos of her online.  Well, I use instagram (profile name: yellow_owl_workshop) for that.  I will probably post Emmy happenings from time to time, but this blog will be more of a creative space.  I will post DIY’s and free downloads for projects, share Yellow Owl news, good stuff about my pals and things that catch my eye.   Hope you come along to make some cool stuff with me.